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Cruising Canines: dog safety in car

CRUISING CANINES: DOG SAFETY IN CAR Recently I was reading about how many people travel with their dogs and, interestingly, how this can actually reduce stress during transit for the same reasons having a dog in your household can – basically because they’re awesome. Most of what I’ve read out there discusses which safety precautions […]

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Operation: Decoration Destroyer

Decorations dazzle the eyes and minds of many a holiday reveler and our curious pet companions are rarely exempt from this same fascination. Unfortunately, what we humans often find to be ambient and festive, pets tend to consider a sparkling invitation to all out mad destruction. From shattered ornaments to chomped up garland, (not to […]

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dog leash

Off The Leash

Off The Leash While most dog owners seem to respect the expected leash decorum, a few seem to have trouble with the idea of limiting their furry friend’s freedom. Now don’t get me wrong, we’d all like our canine pals to be able to run free wherever they go, but allowing this can bring up […]

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