Schooled by Numbers

Keeping up with an aquarium can be a really big task and it’s important to balance the environment just right so that your little aquatic friends can have a safe and happy home. Maintaining that balance can include everything from live plants to filters, to water additives that keep the levels optimum, and making sure to clean your tank often, but not too often!

School fish in a tank

Along with all of the regular things to monitor in a tank, schooling fish usually require another addition in order to make their lives rich and healthy: Friends! That’s right. A few extra buddies can make all the difference in the tank-world to these otherwise timid swimmers and you’re likely to see the results for yourself.

Schooling fish that have no pals to, well, pal around with, tend to be timid and hide a lot. That’s because their instincts tell them that in order to explore potentially dangerous waters they should really be in a group if they hope to survive. Even if your tank is threat free, your schooling fish might be still behave as though preparing for the introduction of bigger, scarier life and therefore may still require a few friends in order to feel that the waters can be safely explored. There are several perks to keeping a school. Not only is it something to watch them swimming around the tank, but you’re likely to increase your fish’s life by reducing some of the stress that comes from living a lonely life. Not very hard to imagine right? Friends can make all the difference to a daily routine and happier fishies tend to endure events that might otherwise scare them very badly. Because stress is a big concern with fish, and because we human-types are still learning about the numerous damaging effects of stress, it’s always best to provide anything you can to make their environment stress free. Not only will it keep them swimming along for longer, it’s also nice to know your fish buddies have a support team to help ensure their happiness.

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