Off The Leash

Off The Leash

While most dog owners seem to respect the expected leash decorum, a few seem to have trouble with the idea of limiting their furry friend’s freedom. Now don’t get me wrong, we’d all like our canine pals to be able to run free wherever they go, but allowing this can bring up a host of problems for you and especially your pup.

1) It’s for their protection too. Keeping your canine on a lead helps you to prevent them from encountering outside dangers and risks. These include, but certainly aren’t limited to, other people who might hurt them, harmful food ingestion, feisty animals looking for a brawl, traps left in the wild or near the edges of property lines, not to mention road traffic. Your dog can’t predict a lot of these dangers, but with a little common sense their person usually can.

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2) It’s the law. In many, many, public areas where dogs are allowed, leashes/leads are required and those that choose to ignore the directive may be opening themselves up to some pretty hefty penalties. Most fines will set owners back at least a few hundred dollars, but they can get as high as five figure payouts if their dog decides to get snappy. Either way, it’s money better spent on yummy treats and chew toys, both of which are likely to get a decent tail-wag salute.

2) Lost. The American Humane Society reports that approximately 10 million cats and dogs go missing each year in the Untied States and it only takes a few seconds for a healthy dog to outrun their person and to possibly get lost in the unfamiliar terrain. For obvious reasons this is both terrifying and truly dangerous, but by keeping your dog near you and secured this preventable disaster is much more likely to be avoided.

One of the arguments some dog owners offer in defense of a leashless existence is that their dogs need exercise and room to run. Well sure they do! That’s what large yards and dog parks (that allow the no-leash policy) are for. That’s what jogging along side, hiking along with, and general playful antics in your very own yard can help provide. There’s a big difference after all between letting your canine roam free in an environment where they’re safe and letting them scurry around next to a 4-lane road. Yes, some people do that, if you can believe it.

Now let’s talk comfort. The days of the horrible choke-collar are quickly coming to an end as we find that more and better options in dog walking gear are reaching the pet market. Here at Paws & Claws Pet Supply we avoid those outdated, gruesome collars like the plague and we’re always on the lookout for the best designs in canine vests and harness. (That goes for cats too, but we’ll cover that another time.) Choosing the right gear is important and it’s just as much about comfort as it is security. As a pet parent you should know that if you need to hold your pup back for their own, or another’s, safety you’re not going to injure them in the process. A good vest, or harness, can help ensure that safety can go paw and hand with your canine’s comfort.

The short version:

  • When out in public keep your dog on a lead to keep them safe from potential harm.
  • Make certain that you find a safe, legal environment for your dog to exercise in before sending them off to play.

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