About US

About Us

Our journey into the pet supply industry began with Bear. No, we don’t have an actual bear living with us- just a big, black kitty that someone very appropriately named before we met him at a local animal shelter. He has at least 25 nicknames now, like most non-human companions, but he started out as Bear and it was through him that we were introduced to the complicated world of pet products.

Paws and Claws Pet Supply

Before adding our furry roommate to the household, we didn’t think buying items like food or toys would be anything resembling complex. We were wrong.

The first real endeavor was securing him a scratching post that met some pretty general criteria- sturdy, tall, large enough for him to curl up on, and hopefully not incredibly ugly…which many of them are. Did I mention price? I should, because wow can scratching posts/cat condos be expensive! It took hours of searching online and roving around local pet stores before we finally found something that checked all the boxes and during that time we learned about all sorts of horrible flaws in the industry. From selling cheap, falsely advertised structures to edible goods that are pretty much good for no one, we quickly realized that getting Bear all stocked up was going to be something of a challenge, especially on a budget.

That was several years ago, or if we’re keeping track in Bear-time, about 300 toys we played with once before deciding that a plastic castoff wreath berry was the best toy ever invented. It’s also been a lot of wasted time and money, but above all it’s been an extremely educational experience. Our hope now is to provide our customers with our expertise and insight, along with some really great products that their animal friends will love. We factor in as many points as we can when choosing which products to offer and we intend to keep the selection varied so that animal lovers on any budget can find something to bring home. Most of all, we care very much about the well-being of all animals and will always do our best to be honest about the quality of your purchases. We believe that honesty and dependability promote the best kind of relationships with our customers and, even more importantly perhaps, help to build better lives for their very special friends.